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Looking to Enhance Your Wellness? Create an indoor oasis.

In a hectic pace of life, your home should be your personal sanctuary; a safe and comforting place to relax and rejuvenate.

Adding plants to your space is a straightforward method of creating a calm and peaceful environment with profound benefits to your well-being.



True, plants are pleasant to look at and do spruce up the decor of a space, but how do they improve your life?

People are inherently attracted to nature. Numerous studies have cited ‘time in nature’ as a highly effective method of reducing stress and decreasing mental fatigue. 

Essentially, cortisol, the bodies stress hormone, is on the rise when we are under pressure. Urbanites generally have higher levels of cortisol over those who live in rural settings. Studies have shown immersing in nature triggers the brain to slow the release of cortisol creating a more relaxed state of mind. 

Being surrounded by nature has also been referenced as effective in reducing anxiety and depression. Bringing natural components into our indoor environment can mimic the experience of being in nature and provides similar effects.

Consequently, plants can be a vital component in managing stress, particularly for those of us who live in urban centres.

Indoor house plants have a peaceful, calming effect and generally make us more happy and content. So if you are searching for ways to enhance your overall health and well-being, plants are your answer. In fact, your indoor oasis isn’t complete without them.


Urbanity Flora has a great selection so you can create your own urban oasis




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